A London-based executive coaching & mediation practice.

I work with clients to improve their performance and well-being by considering how the way they think and behave is affecting their ability to manage the demands of their professional and personal lives.


I am an executive coach and mediator with over twenty years of experience in communications. I believe that understanding how our thoughts, emotions and behaviour can work for and against us is the key to better relationships, communication and ultimately performance. 

My role is not to give advice or judge. Instead, I work alongside clients to disentangle the cognitive and emotional knots created by complex jobs, competing professional and personal priorities, interpersonal conflict and too little time to think. In solving these problems my clients feel energised, think more clearly, and behave more effectively. This enables them to improve their relationships at work and home whilst feeling confident that they are in control of their inner and outer worlds. 

My approach, which has been described as ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’, is based on calm, warmth, humour and a healthy dose of truth to power. Skills honed during twenty years in issues and crisis management consultancy working with clients in big pharma, energy, finance and multi-laterals. 

I work internationally with leaders and founders in professional services, private equity, media, healthcare and not for profit foundations.

My work as a mediator has enabled senior level individuals in global organisations to identify issues and develop a non-adversarial and collaborative approach to resolution with close colleagues, peers and team members.


I trained as a coach with Meyler Campbell in 2013 (where I am now Faculty) and I am accredited as a mediator by CEDR. I have an MA in English Literature from St Andrew’s University and an MSc in the Neuroscience and Psychology of Mental Health from King’s College London as well as qualifications in Hogan, MBTI and TKI. 

What my clients say